Awards, Honors, and Accolades


Congratulations to the Students of the Month for April 2018:
Freshmen: Taylor Moorman & Gage Monroe
Sophomores: Abigail Turner
Juniors: Jordan Andrle, Jenna Dunakey, & Alan Symons
Seniors: Hyasha Crumpton & Michael Reid

Students of the Month for April

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for March 2018:
Seniors: Ron Feril & Madison Ragazzone
Juniors: Jordan Anderle & Karlie Sweiderk
Sophomores: Coby Lambert & Nhuy Do
Freshmen: Trayton White & Hannah Roushia

Students of the month for March

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for February 2018:
Freshmen: Josh Winder & Talon Bottenfield
Sophomores: Harley Rusher & Katie Krohn
Juniors: Cayman Wilson & Amelia Schouten
Seniors: Cade Huber & Francesca Gallucci (not pictured)

Students of the Month for February

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for January 2018:
Freshmen: Brandt Vaughn (not pictured) & Sydni LaVallee
Sophomores: Hannah Schoff & Jason Hac
Juniors:  Leanna Kelly & Hunter Fazler
Seniors: Ana Isabell Beltran Heredia & Austin McDonald

Students of the Month for January 2018

Congratulations to Lemon Bay’s Science Fair Winners
Nine students competed at the regional science fair at FGCU.  Here are our winners:
Lorrie Konopasek – received 2nd place in her category
Project Title: Using Native Aquatic Pants to Reduce Algae Growth
Trey Scott – received 2nd place in his category and a Pure FL Award for Research Excellence (a $200 gift certificate)
Project Title: Look Downstream: Could Nano Silver Affect Pond Life? 

Congratulations to the Charlotte County Fair Art Show Winners:
Seniors Abbey Abraham(3D art) and Brooke Evans (2D art) each were chosen to receive a $500 scholarship
$100 awards were given to Anabel Dent, Bailey Grossenbacher, and Kayla Hesketh
Best of Show in Ceramics- Kayla Hesketh
Best of Show in Sculpture-Bailey Grossenbacher
Ceramics- 1st- Kyra Mead; 2nd- Maddison Welch; 3rd- Gabriella Clary
Sculpture- 1st- Alice Lewis; 2nd- Julia Sebor; 3rd- Natalie Brown
Painting- 1st - Brooke Evans; 2nd -Reagan Moody; 3rd- Dulce Ordaz
Masks- 1st- Mia Melucci; 2nd -Jason Hac; 3rd- Casey Connors

Congratulations to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) District Competition Winners:

1st Place Winners:
Ethan Stevens- Agribusiness 
Elana Esquivel- Business Law
Kassie Mayberger- Client Service
Allison Deal- Hospitality Management  
Alicia Pappalardo, Amelia Schouten, & Samantha Riley- Marketing
Alexa Ferriter- Networking Concepts

Iraj Patel, Jacob Martinez, Ron Feril, Noah Farley & Brad Vito- Parliamentary Procedures

2nd Place Winners:
Matt Smith, Blake Cason, & Zach Harper- Banking & Financial Systems
Hunter Fazler- Business Ethics
Brianna Leo- Business Communication
Nick Lipp- Computer Problem Solving
Jeremy Kappelmann, Nick Murtha, & Robert Hill- Hospitality Management
Reagan Vasbinder- Public Speaking

3rd Place Winners:
Ben Orkins- Economics 
Connor Jakelis, Austin Carvey & Emily Avedano- Global Business
Matt Engel & Zehta Glover- Social Media Campaign

FBLA District Winners

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for December 2017:
Freshmen: Tian Ho and Taylor Mason
Sophomores: Dylan Schoeneck and Grace Whitehill
Juniors: Andrew Heath and Hailey Hutchinson
Seniors: Deven Chavez and Melenie Torres

Students of the Month-December 2017

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for November 2017:
Freshmen: Trinity Angelo & Vladimir Sariol
Sophomores: Maggie Poulakis & Nathaniel Winkle
Juniors: Oakley Maki & Iraj Patel
Seniors: Sarah Bedford & Jeffrey “Jed” Fazler

Students of the month for November

Congratulations to the October 2017 Students of the Month:
Freshmen: Lauren Ragazzone and Weston Wolff
Sophomores: Kellie Redmann and Estaban Alvarez
Juniors: Malori Onken and Gabriel Layne
Seniors: Hunter Scott and Tyler Caron

Students of the Month for October

Congratulations to the September 2017 Students of the Month:
Freshmen: Nicole Pulaskie & Dimitri Saaby
Sophomores: Bailey Grossenbacher & John Moore
Juniors: Destiny Ashcraft & Joshua Hutcherson
Seniors: Lauren Maheu & Michael Ainsworth 

September Students of the Month


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